A building with a rich history

Built in 1908, the Teatru Salesjan is strategically placed right at the heart of Malta’s commercial centre - Tas-Sliema, making it best suited to host you and your creative aspirations. Run by the Salesians of John Bosco, the theatre acts as a hub for creative young individuals with the goal of developing their artistic skills. As a side activity, the complex is used to host a number of initiatives organised by local and international people.

All income generated by venue hire goes directly towards supporting our work with young people. Operating 100% by means of volunteers, the theatre reaches out to the local community with the goal of making a difference. For over 100 years, the theatre has been a welcoming audiences from all over Malta and Europe. With more than 30 events happening per year, the theatre is best place to turn your ideas into reality.

Photograph by Albert Camilleri



A community with a passion 

The Salesian Theatre functions as a non-governmental, voluntary, and not for profit organisation, forming part of the mission of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Malta, specifically as part of the Oratory complex in Tas-Sliema. The Oratory sees hundreds of young people through its doors every year, with the goal of building strong, lasting relationships, with quite a number training artistically.

However for us, it is not just about theatre! All proceeds from activities and events held throughout the year are directed towards the financing of a wide range of activities for young people held at the Oratory complex through the Salesian community.

The Teatru Salesjan is made possible thanks to a myriad of generous volunteers, who work side by side with the Salesian community in making the true nature of the theatre happen. As in any other organisation, the theatre has a board of directors and a management team. The former focusing on the policies and seasonal calendars of the theatre, whilst the latter manages the day to day running of the place.

The Teatru Salesjan is supported by the Malta Arts Fund which forms part of the Malta Arts Council's long-term local funding strategy. This strand caters for organisations seeking funds to support their operation in the arts sector in Malta and/or to operate an artistic programme. It will provide organisations whose aims are in line with the goals and priorities of the National Cultural Policy with funds towards both programming and organisational costs.

The Arts Council's role will consist of evaluating and selecting the organisations most likely to make the best contribution to the mission of the National Cultural Policy, whilst producing outcomes and reaching long-term goals for the Cultural sector in Malta.