Situated in the busy commercial district of Tas-Sliema, Teatru Salesjan is the oldest existing theatre in the locality and one of the oldest working theatres in Malta. Founded in 1908 Teatru Salesjan has been an active focus for local creativity for many generations and retains its primary mission as a community theatre “in the hearts of its community”. Recently Teatru Salesjan has redefined its purpose as a receiving house to promote work that it feels is very much in sympathy with its original purpose as a Juventutis Domus, a House for Young People.

To that end Teatru Salesjan is in cultural partnership with Arts Council Malta and has made collaborative partnerships with the award-winning young people’s theatre company Studio 18 and The Opening Doors Association who create dance, music and theatre for people with learning difficulties. These two companies are now in residence at Teatru Salesjan and the building serves as their creative hub in Malta.

As part of our commitment towards creative development, Teatru Salesjan is running projects with children and young people. The Teatru Salesjan Choir and Chamber is a vocal ensemble that aims to provide a creative home for young people to experience music and singing in a safe and positive environment. In 2017 the Roaring Voices project was established with the focus of developing Shakespeare Youth Theatre. This project was also awarded funding to produce its first production in 2019.

Teatru Salesjan is committed towards defining the purpose of the theatre as a community hub in Tas-Sliema and through a collaboration with Maltese architect Chris Briffa, designed an architectural masterplan that will see the transformation of the theatre building into a contemporary and accessible arts centre for the community of Tas-Sliema and beyond.

Teatru Salesjan is a registered non-profit, voluntary organisation.


Teatru Salesjan offers opportunities to young people and to the communities of Malta to develop their creative potential with the goal of creating a more cohesive society


Freedom: Young and creative people need a place “of their own” where they feel at home and where they get the necessary space to be themselves, to express their feelings and to shape their own personality.

Responsibility: Young people need a place where they can “learn”, where they can be given the space or the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge, where they learn to assume the responsibility for the surrounding reality, where they become capable of playing their part in society in a mature and constructive way.

Meaning: Young people need a place “of sense”, where they may search for their raison d’être (reason for being), for the profound meaning of their lives. A lot of young people are looking for ‘sense’ in their life, to see who they can be and what they can mean for the broader world they are living in.

Solidarity: Young creative persons need a place “to play”, where they can meet their peers, can talk and discuss openly, build and maintain relations with one another, where they can accept solidarity and can organise and experience things together.


The space was originally designed as a proscenium arched theatre, however we see potential in using the space in unconventional ways to suite your creative needs. 

The complex comprises of a stage and auditorium (stalls and gallery), a foyer and bar area, a studio space, a kitchenette, restrooms, two backstage rooms, an under-stage storage area and a wardrobe. Over the recent years, there have been performances taking place throughout the complex, rethinking the limitations a proscenium arrangement might constitute. Most recently, we hosted a private book launch that happened all across the space, immersing audiences in the imaginative world of the literature.

The theatre is equipped with its own basic audio and lighting systems, with a range of tools readily available for hire for private functions. The designated mixing desks are placed in a secure control room, at the back of the gallery. Material from our Props and Wardrobe collection can also be hired at request, however pending availability since these might be in use throughout the seasonal calendar.

The theatre currently has a detachable seating system, with its standard set-up being that of 300 seats in the stalls area and 153 in the gallery. There is also room for wheelchair users in the auditorium, with a dedicated ramp and restroom facilities made available upon request. The detachable seating system enables us to open up the stalls section to a myriad of different functions: from a theatre in the round seating set-up to a complete open-plan space that can host over 700 people standing.  

The Teatru Salesjan uses as its ticketing system provider for the seasonal calendar. Although we can help you make contact with our ticket providers, we do not provide a ticketing facility to hirers. Although we do not hire the bar, this service can however be made available for private events, with all proceeds managed by the theatre.