September 2020

In its seventh month of shut down, Teatru Salesjan reaches out to its community for support. This month we recorded a snapshot of the haunting scenes from this 112-year-old theatre, closed and void from the many people that once animated it. You can help us through this crisis and keep this community theatre alive.

August 2020

This month the theatre has taken a dusty step forward. More than a hundred years later, the wooden floorboards holding the stage have been dismantled to receive a good polish and some much needed TLC. We have also carefully removed some of the tiles to be polished and placed back once the necessary excavation has come to an end.

July 2020

This month we worked on the removal of all electrical wiring, in order to create a safe environment for the workers to commence excavation next month. We have also taken this time to have conservation and restoration specialists Prevarti to have a look at our priceless Cali.

June 2020

Now that restrictions have started to be gradually lifted, we are able to get more hands on deck to work on the theatre’s renovations. Given the go ahead by both health authorities and our architects and engineers, work on the stage ceiling and fly loft is scheduled to start in a few weeks….ready for the transformation!

May 2020

A stage, hauntingly empty ready to start its makeover, and take shape for years to come. We are eager for you to follow us along the way, leading to a stage, revitalised and recharged with new energy.

April 2020

Nothing like a bit of spring cleaning! Chairs, frames, photos …. 

We also removed our proscenium curtain. This curtain, which is reinforced at the back by WWII tents. It was made in the  early 1950’s by Joe Busuttil and his father. Rich and loved as it is, this curtain now deserves to rest. Notorious for occasionally malfunctioning during curtain calls, and heavy as it is, it will be substituted by a safer, lighter material. We look ahead to the future, but never forget the glorious past.

March 2020

Once the directive came in that all public spaces and theatre were to be closed, we decided we would start by removing all the lanterns and trussing. Over five days, one employee and one volunteer worked on clearing all the space on stage and in the auditorium. Hard work but a once in a lifetime peek at the past… we even found a secret note hidden beneath a tile!

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