The Teatru Salesjan Choir & Chamber is a vocal and instrument ensemble that aims to provide a creative home for young people to experience music and singing in a safe and positive environment. Founded in 2013 by music educator and pianist Gisèle Grima, the TS Choir & Chamber or TSCC uses creativity, imagination and self-expression as the driving force for musical and vocal development. Through the various music and singing activities, young people are engaged to become creative thinkers, good listeners, and conscious singers.

Other areas in which young people benefit from also include language, communication and reasoning skills. With participants ranging from ages 6 to 14, the choir and chamber also helps to build new friendships and gain more self-confidence. While students are not required to have any musical background, those young musicians who already learn an instrument may consider joining the choir and chamber to enhance their musicianship skills.

TS Choir and Chamber meets up for a rehearsal every Saturday at the St Patrick’s School theatre and is accepting new members. Kindly get in touch with Gisèle Grima by email for more information, using