The Teatru Salesjan Choir & Chamber is a vocal and instrumental ensemble that aims to provide a creative home for young people to experience music and singing in a safe and fun environment. Founded in 2013 by music educator and pianist Gisèle Grima, the TS Choir & Chamber or TSCC uses creativity, imagination and self-expression as the driving force for musical and vocal development. In 2014, music educational practitioner Wendy Dwyer (Ireland) established the TS Chamber group and has since trained children and youths in ensemble playing. Through the various music and singing activities, these young budding artists are engaged to become creative thinkers, good listeners, confident performers and respectful friends. 

 With participants ranging from ages 6 to 14, the choir and chamber groups also help to build new friendships and gain more self-confidence. The TSCC aims to nurture music talent and strives to offer young ones the opportunity to develop the core foundational skills in ensemble practice. For both choir and chamber groups, students are admitted by audition.

 The TS Choir and Chamber meets up for a rehearsal every week at St Patrick’s School theatre in Sliema and is open to accepting new members. Kindly get in touch with Gisèle Grima by email for more information, using