Empty Floor – Imperfect Dancers

The imPerfect Dancers company returns to Malta, after two breath-taking productions at Teatru Salesjan that left audiences in awe of their striking evocative power through dance. This time round, they bring to us: EMPTY FLOOR! 

“Empty Floor”, a work of contemporary dance, is inspired by a desire to explore the concealed and private universe of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The power of the performance lies in its exploration of the various aspects of this debilitating disease, from the painful to the downright funny. Through embarrassment and discomfort, we uncover the strength and joy that anchor us to life. What makes “Empty Floor” unique is the active involvement in the performance of senior citizens, who are given the chance to share the stage with the dancers themselves, thus becoming an integral and necessary part of the show they are attending. 

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Teatru Salesjan is generously supported by the ADRC Trust, the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation, and Arts Council Malta. We deeply thank The Imperial, Sliema for the support provided in order to carry out this program.

Photo : Barbara Cerri

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