🎭🔨 The Rebirth of Teatru Salesjan: A Blend of Heritage and Modernity 🔨🎭


For generations, Teatru Salesjan has been more than just a building. It’s a thriving hub where young people gather to dance, sing, act, write, paint, and form lifelong friendships. The old corridors under the stage and the towering fly-towers have been a source of fascination and wonder, renewing themselves with each passing generation. The priceless joy on the faces of young people as they delve into the inner workings of a theatre reaffirms our belief in the magic of this place – quiet and dark when empty, but alive and humming when filled with an eager audience. 


Through a strategic partnership with Arts Council Malta and Teatru Malta, we initiated a long-term plan to reinforce Teatru Salesjan’s position as a premier venue for quality community work. While honouring our theatre’s rich heritage, our vision is to create a space that sets the benchmark for 21st-century theatres. Our goal? To develop teams and foster community outreach, enhancing engagement at a whole new level.


The journey of our transformation has been greatly supported by the Planning Authority Development Funds which have helped overhaul the side terrace, refurbish the wooden doors and apertures, renew the steel balcony, gypsum ceilings, paint, and install new auditorium acoustic curtains, amongst other key changes. Bank of Valletta generously sponsored the full restoration of the Giuseppe Cali fresco, a touch that will add to the history and beauty of our beloved theatre. The Vivendo Group sponsored the installation of acoustic ceilings in the understage, which is being transformed into an additional rehearsal and training room. And we’re incredibly grateful to the Farsons Foundation and Sliema Lions Club for their donations towards the flooring of that room.


We’re giving Teatru Salesjan a new lease of life while preserving the well-loved patina of the old building. Our aim is to create flexible environments that cater to modern needs and inspire a new generation.


But even as our physical space has been transformed, the soul of Teatru Salesjan – our programme – has kept on going. A lifeline to our continuing programming has been the invaluable support from the ADRC Trust and the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation. Additional funding from Premju tal-President, Arts Council Malta Programme Support Fund, and the Solidarity Funds for our programme “Centre Stage” has kept our theatrical heartbeat strong. Furthermore, our heartfelt thanks go to Palazzo Parisio and Imperial Care Home for graciously offering their spaces for our programming during this transition period.


As we inch closer to the end of our refurbishment journey, the theatre is brimming with anticipation and excitement. Most of the heavy lifting is behind us, and we expect to wrap up the works during the summer months. Our hope is to throw open our doors once again to the community by the end of 2023.


Thanks to the support and contributions of our partners, sponsors, and the community, we believe we can make it happen! Together, we will celebrate our shared love for the arts in a setting that honours its past while embracing the future. Stay tuned for more updates as we near the completion of our renovation. Thank you for being a part of Teatru Salesjan’s transformation journey! 🎭✨


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