More than just a great venue!

Built in 1908 the Teatru Salesjan is strategically placed right at the heart of Malta’s commercial centre, Tas-Sliema, making it best suited to host you and your creative aspirations. The Teatru Salesjan or TS functions as a non-governmental, voluntary, and not profit organisation, forming part of the mission of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Malta, specifically as part of the Oratory complex in Tas-Sliema. The Salesian Oratory sees hundreds of children, young people and adults through its doors every year, with the goal of building strong, lasting relationships.

As a side activity, the complex is used to host a number of initiatives organised by local and international people. All income generated by venue hire goes directly towards supporting our work with young people. Run by generous volunteers, the theatre reaches out to the local community with the goal of making a difference. We want to help you make your special event a success!

For over 100 years, the theatre has been welcoming audiences from all over Malta and Europe. With more than 20 events happening per year, the theatre is the best place to turn your creative ideas into reality.

Each year the team at the theatre draws up a yearly calendar of events, which comprises of select original and commissioned work. Any additional free dates are open for hire.

There are two main working groups making sure that the TS’s year runs smoothly: a board of directors and a management team. The former focusing on the vision and artistic programme of the theatre, whilst the latter organises the day to day running of the place.

Venue hiring falls under the responsibility of the theatre management, who coordinate all requests from people wanting to make use of this beautiful space. They are also the people that will guide you throughout your stay at the TS and make sure that your experience will be one to remember for all the right reasons!

Photograph by Albert Camilleri

The space was originally designed as a proscenium arched theatre, however we see potential in using the space in unconventional ways to suite your creative needs. 

The complex comprises of a stage and auditorium (stalls and gallery), a foyer and bar area, a studio space, a terrace running alongside the side of the building, a kitchenette, restrooms, two backstage rooms and a wardrobe. We also have an accessibility ramp available.

Over the recent years, there have been performances taking place throughout the complex, rethinking the limitations a proscenium arrangement might constitute. From theatre performances to live music album launches. We also hosted a private book launch that spread out all across the space, immersing audiences in the imaginative world of the literature. Most recently, we converted the auditorium into a jazz bar, hosting more than 150 people seated at tables, listening to quality jazz players whilst indulging in some of the best local wines.

Photograph by Vincienne Bezzina

The theatre is equipped with its own Bose audio system run using a state of the art Yamaha TF-5 32 channel digital audio mixer and more than 30 lighting lanterns managed by an SGM  Studio 24 lighting desk with a range of tools readily available for hire within the package. The designated mixing desks are placed in a secure control room, at the back of the gallery. Material from our Props and Wardrobe collection can also be hired at request.

The theatre currently has a detachable seating system, with a total capacity of 338 in the stalls area and 114 in the gallery. The stalls in the lower auditorium can be moved towards the back of the theatre, freeing up space.

The auditorium measures 20 metres by 11 metres. The stage apron measures 11 metres by 3 metres, whilst the stage is 6 metres wide and 8 metres deep. The measurements of the centre stage depend on the positioning of the inner leg curtains. A white perforated cinema screen can be also made available, placed at the back of the stage and used as a backdrop. Alternatively, the TS houses a black backdrop.

Photograph by Albert Camilleri

The TS uses as its ticketing system provider for its programmed events.  Although we can help you make contact with our ticket providers, we do not provide a ticketing facility to hirers. Although we do not hire the bar, this service can be made available for your event with all proceeds managed by the theatre.

As part of the hiring package, we will provide you with a person to oversee your stay, helping you every step of the way!

Photograph by Vincienne Bezzina