A place or a feeling?

Free Seating

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The work, performed by 17 bilingual students from Fenelon Lycée in Grasse, France, draws upon the results of extensive research conducted by the students in sourcing real stories as told by refugees, statistical information from official government and international agencies, the poetry of Warsan Shire and Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, as well as the personal reflections of the young actors themselves. This piece is a call to humanity to reconsider our beliefs and prejudices concerning the global catastrophe confronting us and future generations. The young artists have considered the problems as faced by all affected; refugees and those sheltering them (either willingly or otherwise), those transporting them (whether benevolently or for-profit), governments, business owners and developers, and (of course) ordinary citizens. Under the direction of Judith Derra, the performers have sought to create a work which is, as far as possible, free of bias but which will hopefully encourage us to find humane solutions to a situation which impacts us all.

In early 2018 they had the enormous privilege to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa and to participate in an extraordinary social and political initiative providing education to refugee children at a local school: www.three2six.co.za Needless to say the impact of this trip on the students was immeasurable and has fuelled their commitment to generating further dialogue around this complex issue.
To date, the play has been performed at the UN in Geneva and for a number of associations in the south of France. The students are thrilled to have the opportunity to perform in Malta.

Photography by Arthur Savary