In Naples, Luca Cupiello and his wife Concetta, try to get ready for Christmas while their children Ninuccia and Tommasino complicate whole the preparations. Ninuccia is in love with Tommasino’s best friend Vittorio and wants to leave her husband Nicolino. The plot develops around Christmas eve dinner and the story precipitates when Nicolino understands his wife’s intentions. Luca as a stroke caused by the stress and until is last breath tries to save her daughter’s marriage and to convince his son Tommasino about the importance of the Presepe tradition on Christmas time.

Luca is preparing the Presepe, explaining this art to his son Tommasino: each pastore has its own place, there are the mountains, the small houses in the back to give depth to the scene, the shack where baby Jesus comes to life, and the real waterfall coming down from the mountains. Tommasino keeps repeating that he does not like the Presepe and his dad gets seriously offended. After various attempts to change his mind, Luca troughs him out of the house, saying that there is no place for someone who does not like the Presepe in his house.

This show was performed using a translation to Maltese by Louis Azzopardi.


Performed on the 28th and 29th of November 2015