The Organic Choir Malta are proud to announce their first live performance, at Teatru Salesjan!

The Organic Choir in Malta came together in 2015, founded by Eglė V Pranaitytė. The concept of an organic choir is different to the usual choir format. An organic choir creates music using various ‘forms’ which encourage on-the-spot composition, and a strong element of improvisation. The organic choir is not tied by genre or style. The singers of an organic choir are at liberty to express themselves freely and explore musical ideas together. Original composition also has it’s place in the choir’s repertoire, and each written piece or song is at least partly improvised. The repertoire may also include popular songs, adapted to fit the organic choir format. Finally, the choir has no one leader. Leadership is ‘rotated’ and shared; everyone contributes!

The Choir members are delighted to invite you all to share in this experience and discover a fresh take on choral music. The concert is suitable for all ages – anyone with an interest in music and a curiosity for new ideas is more than welcome to join us!

Entrance Fee: €5 [children under the age of 11 years come in for free]


Friday April 8th
Doors Open at 19:30
Concert Starts at 20:00 sharp