Three things you should never break: promises, trust and someone’s heart

Director, Producer
Ingrid Sciberras

Performed by the members of Alegria Academia and Alegria Dance Company

Estelle Bonello Sant, Ema Marie Attard, Ana Maria Espinosa Rodriguez, Nicola Henson

An exhibition of work by local artist Josette Fenech will be on show in the theatre foyer.

Alegria’s latest production is a Flamenco dance narration written by a Maltese author.

A story of promises, love, heartbreak and joy entwined, through the passion of flamenco.

Maria has been entrusted to a convent as a promise made by her dying mother to make sure she is led away from temptation. But Maria wants to explore the excitement of life and instead spends her time listening to the lively flamenco dance and song coming from the neighbouring Tablao.

She ventures out of the convent and falls into the arms of Juan, the lively and mischievous leading flamenco dancer, who quickly forgets his promise of love to his lover, Lola and runs away with Maria.

Jealousy is overcome in this touching story of true love.

Tickets can be purchased by emailing or calling 9949 5187