Sounds in Silence

a musical offering from Teatru Salesjan

Despite not being able to open our doors to audiences, Teatru Salesjan is finding creative ways to carry on sharing the Arts with our community. Sounds in Silence is a musical offering shared in the beautiful spaces of our Churches filling them with glorious music for contemplation and reflection. In this 10/12 minute offering, we invite you to take time, to stop, and to let violinist Stefan Calleja and Cellist Desirée Quintano transport you to a place of peace. Teatru Salesjan hopes that Sound in Silence will help uplift people’s spirit and help transcend our current challenges.

“The whole experience of Sounds in Silence was overwhelming. It was a great honour to have been able to host these moments in the parish.

The performance gave a sense of peace and joy to those present and was well attended too. The congregation was so overjoyed with the first performance that I was asked to have them over again and again.

I really commend this great initiative and hope it will continue in the near future. It’s a wonderful experience of bringing the artistic sphere to the people in these difficult times. “

Fr Claude Portelli

“It was wonderful, really really nice musicians – brilliant! Played with gusto and love. Some people were moved to tears, others went down memory lane.”

Fr Charlie Said

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