Golden Years Fest

The Golden Years is a festival that aims to promote the elderly’s rights to enjoy culture, to enhance their quality of life, promote active ageing and wellbeing and promote volunteerism amongst the youths by offering a space for cross generational dialogue.

This project will offer the hardest hit segment of society during this COVID19 pandemic; elderly people together with their caretakers, the opportunity to attend artistic events and activities, including an operetta, concerts and tombola with animated sketches for free where they can meet and interact with young volunteers, thus promoting the cross generational exchange between elderly and youths. 

Youths will be encouraged to accompany the elderly as discussion partners, during these events and activities, thus promoting voluntary work amongst youths as part of their personal and social development in a fun environment while they are exposed to a rich artistic programme. 

If you are under 35 years of age, take our survey and become a volunteer on this one of a kind festival!

Supported by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector VOPS scheme and Premju tal-President.

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