An unforgettable show for the whole family!

Kinga Varga
Director, Choreographer, Light Designer

Kolibri Visual
Set Designer

Agnes Mittelholcz
Costume Designer

Tamas Kiss
Hannah Eden
Barbara Minacori
Jack Thomas Hilton
Nicole Ratti
Evelyne De Weerdt
Noémie Larcheveque
Loise Do

Guest performers
Mandy Dance Academy
Paul Curmi Dance Company

We are in the far away Whoville, home of the Whos. Not far from Whoville lives the Grinch who was once, himself a Who. But the Grinch left Whoville and now lives with his dog Max in a dark corner of the Mount Crumpit.

Cindy Lou-Who persuades the Grinch to join the Who’s Christmas festivities, but a prank goes wrong, and the hurt Grinch flees Whoville. He hatches a plan to spoil Christmas for the Whos, and steal their Christmas presents.

Follow the story of the Grinch, who thinks he’s grumpy, but really just wants love and friendship for Christmas.