The Rover – Roaring Voices

Following their sell-out and well-loved productions of The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Two Noble Kinsmen, as well as their exciting adventure through Arden in their original film In Arden: Shakespeare Transformed, the Roaring Voices are back in the theatre, and present to you yet another first – The Rover or, The Banish’d Cavaliers by Mrs Aphra Behn, one of the first published female playwrights from the Restoration period. Directed by the one and only Polly March, Teatru Salesjan’s Roaring Voices youth theatre company promises you yet another production with their trademark youthful energy, exciting action, powerful storytelling…and, of course, a good dash of silliness!

The Roaring Voices form part of Teatru Salesjan’s Nurture Culture programme, and are generously supported by the ADRC Trust, the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation, and Arts Council Malta.

The Rover or, The Banish’d Cavaliers, is an absolute rollicking romp, set in Naples in 1655, during Carnival. Put four love-hungry English Royalists on the run from Puritan England, together with three nobly-born Spanish girls, and the result is…mayhem! Hellena, destined to be a nun and desperate to experience love before she takes her vows, meets and loses her heart to Willmore, a sea captain with a roving eye. Her sister Florinda is to be married to a rich old man, while their stern brother Don Pedro wants her to marry his friend Don Antonio instead…but she is in love with Belville, the penniless English colonel! As for Valeria, she loses her heart to Frederick…but does he love her? This non-stop, fiery theatre production promises a merry mix up of masks, mistaken identities, duels, elopements…and the most expensive courtesan in Europe. Will Carnival bring each one their heart’s desire? Never before performed in Malta, the Roaring Voices bring you yet another first! Mrs Aphra Behn’s farcical adventures are sure to bring you the Carnival delight we all miss!

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