The Two Noble Kinsmen

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Shakespeare’s wonderful tale of the Two Noble Kinsmen, performed by Teatru Salesjan’s own Shakespeare Youth Theatre Company.

We are enormously fortunate to have Polly March guiding this project with her unending energy and passion, as well as her very formidable theatre expertise – Polly really has that special ability to mine a text for every possible facet of meaning, and the charisma to push youngsters past their own limitations,to make them more curious, more skilled, more enthusiastic, and much bolder. Together with her team – and, of course, Melanie Drake – 

Polly has nurtured this young ensemble through numberless hours of dedicated hard work – along with all the joy, discovery, and laughter that form a part of the theatrical experience.

It is entirely thanks to the ADRC Trust and the BOVJCF that Teatru Salesjan has been able to resuscitate this wonderful programme this year and take it to this exciting stage. Like our sponsors, we believe in the importance of our youth – and we have absolute faith in the power of the Arts to change young lives for the better.

We proudly present the Roaring Voices, and hope that you will enjoy their performance as much as they have enjoyed putting it together!

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