Our plan for the next 5 years
2016 - 2020
The theatre forms part of a wider complex called the Salesian Oratory (Salesjani Sliema), which acts as a hub of activity for people of all ages. The theatre is an important element of this network, with its values shared across the complex. This 5 year plan is in-tune with the Salesian Oratory's 2016 Pastoral Plan, which underlines the Salesians of Don Bosco’s operative vision for the next years.
All the ideas in this plan are years of work and observation at the theatre since 2011. The structuring of the administration, coupled with partnering and working with high profile organisations such as the Arts Council and other individuals is enabling us to look further in sustaining the growth curve within the TS.



  1. To utilise the whole oratory complex as a creative hub in which young and established artists collaborate and share creative ideas together whilst strengthening a familiar atmosphere.
  2. Create opportunities for social and educational development through participation in the arts.
  3. To introduce the community (especially children and young people) to new and innovative elements of performing arts whilst embracing more traditional performance practices.
  4. To ensure that any activity at the theatre is of benefit to the wider community and encourage community sharing/learning.
  5. To create possibilities through which young people are introduced to creative entrepreneurship.
  6. To enable members within the context to develop interpersonal skills such as confidence, social interaction, responsibility sharing, planning, decision making, team-work and problem sharing.
Red Electrick Album Launch 2016 - Photo by Albert Camilleri

Red Electrick Album Launch 2016 - Photo by Albert Camilleri 


Objective 1 - Provide space to create a sense of home for artists needing a place to develop their work and not just showcase it

  • Re-evaluate the Salesian Arts Residencies Programme to strengthen this initiative which links the theatre to artists and groups who are not formally part of the TS
  • Appoint an administration team that oversees the SARP programme. This team would also include representation of the Salesian Live-In Area (in Tas-Sliema) and the Salesian Youth Centre committee, to identify potential collaborations between the different groups within the Oratory
  • Establish strategic partnerships with other European residency programmes and entities the likes of the Trans Halles Europe

Objective 2 - Support  four main disciplines that operate within the Salesian Oratory of Tas-Sliema and that work in conjunction with the TS’s mission

  • Choir: continue building on the success of the TS Children’s Choir, whilst establishing an Adult Choir
  • Ensemble: the creation of a TS Music Ensemble, which can also be linked to other initiatives within the national spectrum. This ensemble can establish itself as a natural link between the Savio College orchestra and the Sliema Oratory
  • Dance: support the setting up a touring contemporary dance troupe led by industry professionals
  • Theatre: work towards supporting the setting up of a touring theatre company

 Objective 3 - Seeking out new and innovative opportunities. Ensuring that all activities are set at the appropriate level to target people with various abilities within the community and not restrict to just the performing arts

  • Work towards reaching out to science students and establish links with art and science through projects that merge both realities
  • Together with the rest of the Salesian Oratory, establish a strong social outreach with surrounding neighbourhoods, with the goal of widening the community
  • The established theatre groups would reach-out to new potential audiences through initiatives organised at the core of their communities 
  • Collaborate with St Patrick's Care Home, Dar Osanna Pia and kellimni.com and work towards bridging societal gaps through the performing arts

Objective 4 - Champion the use of the versatile performing spaces while capitalising on the theatre’s bar

  • With the advent of the removable stalls, we have to look into ways of how to accommodate different events with various logistical needs
  • Look into how to make the bar area more pro table whilst organising site specific events that make use of this important initiative
  • Work towards helping audiences create stronger connections with the action being performed

Objective 5 - Ensuring that the events within the Teatru Salesjan’s programme are accessible to all

  • Look into ways of how the theatre can be more accessible to people needing assistance
  • Look into possible collaborations with the Opening Doors Association and other relevant organisations within this important field of work 

 Objective 6 - To serve local communities by remaining aware of local issues and community needs

  • The stories that we tell need to be relevant to the community we target. In doing so, we can create stronger connections and build lasting relationships

 Objective 7 - Develop a strong relationship with organisations and educational bodies which can support Teatru Salesjan

  • Work towards creating strategic partnerships with the University of Malta School of Performing Arts, Arts Council Malta and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology

 Objective 8 - Work towards encouraging creative entrepreneurship

  • Provide the space and opportunities for young people to utilise the facilities to try out business ventures
  • Establish a connection with the Malta Enterprise in providing professional help to creative business ideas by the young

 Objective 9 - Strengthen the theatre’s administration by diversifying the number of members on the board of directors and management

  • The number of people involved in the board of directors and management will be increased
  • We foresee inviting industry professionals to the board of directors, which will help us shape the future of the theatre
  • We will be looking at all options available to enable employed staff to be part of the theatre, whilst making sure that volunteerism remains an important factor in the way the TS operates
  • Research the possibility of employing a cultural manager for the Oratory complex, overseeing creative development and facility resource maximisation