Performance produced by the Salesian Brigade

A witty farcical comedy and a crazily twisted tale, set in Malta during the 1930s.

Żeża tal-Flagship is a comedy in Maltese, full of meetings between guilty or suspecting husbands and wives, plus uncles, nieces and even the household help!  Dottor Anaklet Chetcuti awakes from an evening of a drinking frenzy at a carnival ball only to find Żeża, a notorious barmaid from Balzunetta, in his bed. Żeża takes a liking to the doctor’s lifestyle and decides to stick around for a while, despite the appearance of the doctor’s wife Kunċett. When Anaklet’s uncle, Gregorju, mistakes Żeża for the doctor’s wife, he is trapped into bringing Żeża to his niece’s wedding in Mdina. A night of intrigue, complications and lots of fun!

Language: Maltese